Thursday, 10 January 2008

I've finished wrecking my journal

I've finally finished it! The day I got it, I thought I would have finished it in a single weekend because I just couldn't stop playing in it. But a couple of months later, and here are the last pages. If there are any pictures of pages I haven't posted, let me know and I'll get on the case.  

"Make prints using an ink pad and vegetables".

Okay so I didn't actually use an ink pad - I used paint instead. When was the last time you did some vegetable prints? I don't think I've done it since I was a child! So much fun though. I really like the hearts. But I love hearts anyway.

"Place sticky things here. (honey, gum, syrup, glue, sucker, marshmallow)"

I put glue on the page.  The one below is glue-gun glue.

This one is PVA glue (cheap school glue).

"Draw lines using abnormal writing utensils dipped in ink or paint. (Sticks, spoons, twist ties, comb, etc.)" 

I used a hair-pin, a comb, a lid, a toothbrush and a nail.  After having made circles, I decided to edit the instructions so that it read, "draw using abnormal writing utensils", instead of "draw lines"! 

"Throw something. A pencil, a ball dipped in paint."

"Wrap something with this page"

All done!  Now I really want to see what other people did with theirs.


  1. love your journal!

  2. I have a sketch book, not a WYJ :) I will put up a page soon, promise

  3. Yikes!!
    That means I need to get one of them things..........hahaha I do want one!!
    I've really enjoyed seeing all of your pages......really nicely done!