Sunday, 20 January 2008

like pink polka dots much?

I made some little cakes this weekend.

It wasn't until today on seeing our big pink oval polka dot serving plate next to my pink polka dot tea-towel that I realised that I must quite like pink polka dots.  Then I saw my pink polka dot utensils tin.  And my pink polka dot mug.  And my pink polka dot apron.

Turns out I quite like pink polka dots!

1 comment:

  1. Pippa,

    Saw your comment on Suzi's Frida video. I have ME!! (in US, we call it CFS -- I'm sure you know). I used to paint for a living (along w waitressing at night:-) Now, I'm in bed or if I want to paint, it's only 10 min at a time. zero energy.

    I'm going to RSS your blog so we can keep in touch!!