Monday, 25 February 2008


What a beautiful sight: a folder full of pretty pictures just waiting to be stuck down.  Alas, I shan't be doing this for a while as I have now officially run out of PVA glue.

However, I did LOADS of collage work while I had the chance, so the next few days I shall share what I have been up to.  As requested by Sian, here is an orange page from my new colour-themed collage book.  

The lack of PVA glue doesn't mean that I've finished though - not by any means! So now it's time to get the glue-gun out and stick actual objects onto the pages! Hurrah! 


  1. Very of these days, you'll inspire me to work in my scrapbook, again!!

  2. Very nice...I like it.. .I wish I can do the same thing...but my schedule is very bsy...working all day :( I am not that lucky...keep it up