Tuesday, 4 March 2008

colour-themed collage book - stage 3

After having stuck plenty of junk into the book, I was having difficulty closing it...

... this is what the book looked like when it was being held shut...

So I decided to re-string it! I got my pliers out and cut the metal rings off and held it together with string instead.

"Thank you, Pippa, I feel so much more free"
"That's okay, little bookey wook"

As you can see if you look at the pages at the end of the book (the bottom pages in this picture), I haven't finished it. Good job I re-strung it when I did - it's only going to get fatter!


  1. This book is AMAZING! I did a few back in the day in college (before dropping out, I'm such a sterotypical hippy) and they always make me feel all fuzzy, for some reason. This one looks more cool than anything i ever made though. I want to make one now. Brilliant.

  2. What a lovely comment - thank you! :o)