Thursday, 17 April 2008

accordion photo display card

This week it was Hubby's grandfather's 1 millionth birthday (or near there). He's not one for expensive gifts (which we're grateful for at this time), so I made him a little something instead. I'll show you how I did it...
Step 1: fold card and stick together.

Step 2: choose photographs and coloured paper. I chose some of our wedding pictures. And, as I was making it for Hubby's grandfather, I included a photograph with him in it.

Step 3: attach photograph to paper, then paper to card.

Step 4: make small hole in the cover where you would like your first photograph to show through.

Step 5: make the hole a bit bigger. Once you're sure of where you want your window to be, draw your shape in pencil (I drew around a hot chocolate lid) and cut out the shape. Use an eraser to rub out the pencil lines.

Step 6: flip the book-thing over and cut some slits into the back page. Make the slits wide enough to thread your chosen ribbon through. Mine aren't at all even, but you can measure yours! You will be tying your ribbon at the front, so make sure that it doesn't cover your window.

Step 7: thread your co-ordinating ribbon.

Step 8: once the ribbon is sorted, attach the remaining photographs to the other pages like so...

(Isn't Hubby's long hair dreamy?)

Et voila. Something to go on the mantlepiece. What do you think? Change the colour scheme and embellish it a bit and it would look completely different. Quite a versatile little project. It would have been so much easier if I had one of those fancy cutters for the window at the front. And have you seen those punches especially for making holes to thread ribbon through? They are something. I wouldn't mind having one of those someday...


  1. How lovely that is Pippa.

    I would never have the patience to do something like that, paper is just too fragile for me :)

  2. That's awesome!!

    The accordion style, is that one piece of paper or multiple pages?

  3. Sian - thank you. But paper and card are cheaper, so it doesn't matter so much when you go wrong :o)

    Jessica - Accordion! I knew it had a name! It's five pieces of A4 card stuck together, but you could do as many as you wanted. You could even make a mini one - handbag size!

  4. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time grasping how exactly you stick them it with glue or?!?!

    Sorry about all the questions, I just love this idea!

  5. Haha no probs, Jess. I put the whole thing together with double-sided sticky tape. It's the only adhesive I use when it comes to card-making because anything else either makes everything crinkle or it just goes all over my fingers! So, you take your 5 (or however many) pieces of card and fold them in half, then one half of one card to the half of the next card, and so on. I haven't explained this very well at all! I think I will need to update this post but not fit to do it today. x x x

  6. That is awesome. You creative talent is amazing! Keep inspiring me!