Friday, 3 October 2008

yummy socks

Mmmm socks.

I went a bit wild with photographing socks the other day. I thought I'd photograph them to give people the option of ordering sock monkeys before they're made (perhaps in time for Christmas?). I just love all of the socks. Did you know that I love socks? I really do. Preferably really colourful and really soft. I love socks.

On the topic of sock monkeys, I saw this blog post from Kimberly Shaw yesterday. And this post today. It's so odd to see someone else with one of my creations on their blog. It's wonderful. It made my day :o)


  1. No wonder you're in love with these socks...they sure beat the smelly ones at my house!

  2. Can't wait to see the new friends you're going to create with these sweet socks. Thanks for your sweet mention of me in your post. Without you, my monkey posts wouldn't exist. Thanks for all the joy we are having with your lovely monkey. More hugs for you, Kim