Tuesday, 3 February 2009

reverse appliqué

The tonsillitis has gone! Did I even tell you that I had it? Twice in a month is a bit rough, don't you think? But it's a new month and what better way to begin February than with snow! The garden looks as though it's made from cotton wool.

Another incredibly simple page. I just really wanted to try out this reverse appliqué thingy. I saw it on Scrap in Style TV. (I don't have TV, which is why I watch scrapbooking things online.)

I cut the heart shape out of the top layer of paper (yes, I even cut the photo!) and adhered that to a pink sheet of card to get that pink heart.

Then I threaded some cotton around the heart (I made the holes first - who is that neat?!) and backstitched the title. Sewing paper is soooo therapeutic. I think I'm going to do it more often. I used a stamp for the 'joy' and I have decided that my handwriting is no good on scrapbook pages. It's fine in a letter, but as soon as it's on a scrapbook page, it just looks... stupid. I've got another layout I did a couple of weeks ago which contains my odd handwriting, I'll show it to you later. Just thought I'd warn you in case you thought, "What?! She knows her handwriting looks stupid on scrapbook pages, so why has she done it again??". I don't understand it.

I was really stuck for embellishments on this page. I don't have anything in this colour scheme. I may still add to it later. I made this little sticker thing in the end. It's alright. But I still think it's a bit too plain.

I was going to go with this colour scheme to begin with but I'm glad I didn't. The bright pink just has more pop to it.

Well, that's all for now. I will leave you with a little quote about snow:

"Never wake a sleeping woman. There are only two occasions you are allowed to wake a woman: one, to tell her that a celebrity has died, and two, to tell her it's snowing".
- Mark Driscoll


  1. you are now steping out trying different media.now you are COOKING WITH GAS.BLESS YOU AND HUBBY.POD.

  2. I love sewing paper too!
    Am so glad that you are feeling better, I'm lucky to not have tonsils anymore, although it also means that most bugs go straight to my throat, argh.
    Love that quote too.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better!