Friday, 22 May 2009

the finished invitations

The hearts were made with a punch and I had a personalised stamp made with their names. For the stamp I used white ink and cream/white embossing powder. I love how the embossed writing is raised and the punched hearts are recessed. In and out. Cool.

And as though the outside of the invitation were not good enough, IT GETS BETTER! So dramatic. I love it.

The music is from a song the bride wrote for the groom.

Is that cute or what?!

The RSVP card had the address on the back so that it just needed a stamp and it could go straight in the post. NIFTY!

I like how it looks stood up, showing a little glimpse of what's inside.

And finally, a personalised seal to stamp into the sealing wax. Classy, huh?

Is is weird that I am jealous? I designed these. I MADE THESE. And yet, it's so much better than the wedding stationery I made for my wedding.

Just wait until you see the Orders of Service. They are SUPER COOL.

Tune in next week for pictures of the seaside mini album. It's pretty good, even if I do say so myself.


  1. Those invitations are really lovely! I love the last little touch of the envelope seal!

  2. Brilliant, esp the final seal.

    I like that they are asking for song requests too! Very cool!

  3. A-ma-zing!! We are sitting here just going, "Wow!" over and over again. Beautiful, Pizo, absolutely beautiful. Bet Jamie and Kat are over the moon xxx

  4. Thank you all. Jamie and Kat are pretty pleased with themselves!