Thursday, 29 October 2009

jenga, anyone?

I'm not sure about the eyes. What do you think? I think that button eyes would look better. However, I want to make as many baby-friendly sock animals as I can (so that they'll sell better on my stall). Especially as the high-contrast print of this creature would make it brilliant for a baby. And yet, most baby toys are in soft pastel shades. What's that all about?

I've been working very hard to make things to sell at the Christmas Market on 5th December - ONLY 5 WEEKS AWAY!

I feel a bit like a game of jenga. No, I don't want to play the game, I feel like I am a game of jenga. I'm at the point in the game where I am swaying slightly, and if one more block is put on top, I will crash. Someone asked me to help with something quite straightforward but I could feel myself swaying. People forget that I'm ill. Or they forget the implications of it. Maybe they think I need to sleep a bit more but apart from that I'm basically fine. Or maybe I need to use a stick because I ache a bit but apart from that I'm fine. They forget that washing my hair is a massive task for me. They forget, or maybe don't realise, that writing an email isn't just a case of sitting down and writing. Everything takes so much longer and I have to think so much harder.

I thought about doing twitter feeds for a week on 'a week in the life of someone with M.E.'. Surely that's what I do already? No. I don't want to whinge about that poisoned feeling I get. Or how my arm sometimes can't even lift a cup of tea to my mouth so I have to get Mr Pippa to pour it into a plastic cup and get me a straw. Because no-one wants to hear that. But then, by not mentioning it, people don't know.

I'm not having a good week.

But on a high note, Mr Pippa did crêpes again today. Yummy. What do you have on yours? I tore mine into thirds and had nutella on one bit, sugar and maple syrup on another and with the last bit, I wrapped marshmallows up in it and put it in the microwave. Mmmm gooey marshmallows. It was lovely. Try it.


  1. Poor you. A visible ailment is always easier for other people to understand. The sock animals look good though - perhaps you could (securely) sew on circles of felt or fabric to make eyes? And I'm a big believer in food making everything better, especially sweet things!

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're not well. It sounds awful.

    I can kind of understand, as I have recently been ill myself, with panic disorder and clinical anxiety. Washing my hair and getting dressed seems like a massive task for me some days, it's just awful, and no one understands and thinks I can just snap out of it.

    For the eyes on baby friendly, how about using layered felt applique shapes?

    Hopefully I can spend more time reading blogs again, I have been too anxious to use the computer for a long time!!

    R - You know who I am I just don't want to use my business name and be found if someone googles me!