Thursday, 5 November 2009

oh look it's another pretty cushion cover

I made this cushion cover before covering the office chair but I forgot to show you. Well, I didn't completely forget - the dead computer had a big part to play in the lack of photos to share with you. But I have all of my photos back now. Hurrah!

Anyway, back to the cushion cover. Here's the front:

And here's the back:

It even has a zip! Aren't I clever! My mum was very impressed with me when she saw it. Who needs sewing lessons?! 

How many of you had already made the change to using the new blogger editing thingy? I only just discovered it. And lookey here - you can click on 'reactions'. It's an exciting new feature here at Pippa's Long Stockings! (Yes I know, I know, other people have probably been doing it for ages but I've only just cottoned on. It takes me a while sometimes.)

+Edit. OK so the reactions aren't actually working. I'm on it though. Call back in a bit...

++Edited later. What's going on? The reactions are hiding. Anyone know how to fix it?

+++Back again. Is it just the new Blogger editing or have I messed up some html while trying to sort the 'reactions' problem? The space between paragraphs seems HUGE. I knew I should have stayed away from html.


  1. add the following to the html (where you see similar bits like this:

    .reactions-iframe {

  2. I can't find it anywhere. And I think I've messed up the spacing too :(
    Job for next month: learn more about html!