Friday, 18 December 2009

baubles with character

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas baubles. I think it's because they're so samey. But these baubles are super cool:

Found here. You could put quotes from your favourite book inside one of them. Or some tiny snowflakes. OR FILL ONE WITH BUTTONS! Oooo now I want to get some and do that. What other cool things would you put inside them?


  1. A hamster with a little Santa hat would be cute. Probably have to be a dwarf hamster though. They are really cool baubles. Did you know that the origin of the word bauble is Middle English, from Old French 'baubel' meaning 'child's toy'? I didn't until I just looked it up.

  2. You guys are TOO CUTE! And I also love the baubles, they're lush. I want to get some. Or better yet, make some. I thought I would put chocolate in them but actually that would just be torture because you'd want to smash the bauble when you craved chocolate. Instead how about conkers? Or little tiny stockings. Or little bows. I want to make them!!! :) xxx

  3. I wonder if you could fill with a fishtank-house and liquid and glitter and coconut flakes, to create a snow-globe? That would be sweet.