Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas presents your friends

I was just given a gift voucher for one of these online 'buy-pointless-tat-from-us-for-all-of-your-relatives-NOW' shops and I actually found some alright things. I was going to blog about them and thought, 'NO. How is this helping the smaller businesses?" So instead, you'll never know what cool things I may have shown you. Apart from this which I really really really love:

So, in the 'let's-help-small-businesses' spirit, here are some of my favourites from Folksy:

It's a camera, but it's felt! Available here from Lupin Handmade. Great name.

Isn't it brilliant?! Pip squeak! That's me! Oh please, someone buy this for me! Find it here from Swirlyarts.

Make tea not war. Find it here from Miso Funky.

Tea cosy available here from Vintage Town.

I honestly didn't intend to have a tea theme, it just happened!

Has anyone else been wasting hours reading the stories from that Clients from Hell blog  since discovering it? No? Me neither.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my Pip Squeak notebook! He didn't sell at the weekend fairs so will be back in my Folksy shop shortly :)