Sunday, 7 February 2010

free valentine garlands

Hey! How's your weekend been? Mine's been hectic, but good. I've been to 3 'signing-only' engagements this week: BSL class on Tuesday, a meal with some friends on Friday (one of the friends is deaf, so no voices allowed) and Deaf Church this afternoon. Cool, huh? Interestingly, I find women easier to understand than men. I don't mean in life generally - just their signing. I wonder why that is. Probably just because women are better ;)

In other news, I've decided that anyone who orders from the shop before Valentine's Day can have a free paper valentine garland.

I'm nice like that :o)

Someone ordered one of the purple hearts the other day, so I made their garland in co-ordinating colours...

Yeah I know, the photos are rubbish quality. You know I'm no good with low-light. But I wasn't going to wait until the morning to photograph it because that would have meant packaging it in too much of a hurry to get it posted the next day. Don't rush me!

I did have fun packaging them though. Yeah, the colours don't really go as perfectly as I'd like, but I could only work with what I had.

What do you think of the new blog layout, by the way? It's less fussy, don't you think? More clean lines. I didn't like how things were (or were not) lining up in my previous layout. And massive photos: is it a yay or a nay? (Or is it yea or nea?)

The bunting kits aren't in the shop yet, but I'm working on it.

Pippa :o)


  1. Definately yay or yea. (yay sounds more exciting!)
    I love the extra big photos and your designs too :o)