Saturday, 13 February 2010

hearts are everywhere this time of year

Mr Pippa isn't allowed to get me flowers or chocolates for Valentine's Day. No, it's not because I'm a diabetic with allergies (I'm not). 

It's because it infuriates me that there's all this pressure for people to buy flowers and gifts for this one day of the year (possibly when they're at their most expensive). And pancake day. Why should I have pancakes just because the shops tell me to? No. I will have pancakes whenever I like, thank you very much. And why only have hot crossed buns at Easter? I'll have them all year round! And Sunday! Why only have sun on... no, that doesn't work, does it.

Rant over.

I do love hearts though. 

If you think you've seen this photo before, you probably have. I took it a year ago. Couldn't be bothered to take a new photo. Sorry folks. Energy levels are currently below low.


  1. I love hearts too. And stars and bows!

    I quite like the secret admirer aspect of v-day. Not down with it in relationship sense though.

  2. Love your heart socks!!! A perfect Valentine's photo. I really love your rant, too, I agree! I can easily enjoy hot cross buns year round, and pancakes, and sock, too! Abundant blessings I pray for you today!