Saturday, 6 March 2010

help clothes hangers do their job

One of the things I hate about M.E. is the unpredictability of it. You get over a bad month and think, "Phew, glad that's over. This month will be so much better." But then it's not. So that explains the lack of blogging. But, if you'd rather not keep checking back here to see whether I've bothered to blog or not, sign up to my RSS feed. That way, I can come to you! I have my RSS feeds sent to Mail so that I don't even have to open a web browser. It's nice. Although, every so often I end up subscribing to a blog whose feed is only a couple of lines long, which means that if I want to see the whole post, I have to go on over to their blog. Do you know what I do with those feeds? I delete them. Why? Because I just cannot be bothered. 

On the subject of not being bothered, I was reading something recently on time-saving ways to keep your house tidy. Although, for me it would be energy-saving ways. My energy has to be rationed out throughout the week, y'know.

One piece of advice was something like this:
"Replace all of your clothes hangers for the wooden ones with rubber ends. They may be more expensive, but it will mean that you never have to waste time picking up all of the items of clothing which have fallen to the floor as a result of slipping off the hanger..."

Replace all of your hangers with wooden ones?! If I had that much money, I'd pay for a house-keeper! No no no. I have a much better (and much cheaper) way of getting your clothes to stay on the hanger. Ready to hear it?

That wide-necked jumper which just won't stay put (I had to basically tie it to the hanger because it fell to the floor for each photo attempt):

Rubber bands. Put them on the ends of the clothes hanger:

Wrap them around so that they cross over, covering more of the hanger:

Problem solved!
That jumper will now cling to the rubber of the elastic bands. 


Was this a revelation for you? It's going to change your life. Just like this video has changed my life. Please don't tell me that you've all been doing this for years and I'm the last one to catch on...


  1. Love the rubber band idea! I totally need to try that. Although my hanging clothes tend to stay up by sheer force of the other clothes jammed in around them!

  2. I do the same with my feeds that only show a preview of the post... has to grab my attention.

    Replace all coathangers... I tried this just to be posh but they take up more space so you can;t hang as much in the wardrobe. How annoying.

    Great band idea...