Tuesday, 16 March 2010

my lovely crochet hooks

Have you seen my crochet hooks? I love them. I only realised how much I loved them when I tried to use a cheap plastic crochet hook recently.

A friend got these crochet hooks for me. In fact, it was the very same friend who got me crocheting in the first place! Oh, I miss crafting mischief with her. There's something special about crafting with friends, don't you think? For starters, they don't look at you as though you're some loony, "What kind of knitting is that?! With only one knitting needle?"

Wooden crochet hooks not only feel lovely in your hand, but they work with the yarn in a beautifully fluid way. Plastic crochet hooks, on the other hand, squeak and catch and don't seem to want to make something beautiful. And if you use a plastic hook with acrylic yarn... *shudders*...urgh.

Look! A heart :)

When I build up my crochet hook collection, I think a pencil roll like this one will be in order.


  1. I love your crochet hooks, I've been watching them always I've been at you're house and you've been making something! First they looked to me like magic wand.

    I remember I tried (once) crocheting. That didn't really work and I was so embarrassed because I tried to do it at school and I was the only one couldn't do that. :D After I tried knitting with my grandmother and that was something awful - I mean the knitting work I made. But one day I'll learn that!

  2. Lovely :)
    I'd love to learn crochet; I'm just getting the hang of knitting after (almost) two blankets and quite speedy at it now; booties is my next challenge...
    Maybe you should do a crochet masterclass on your blog! (Or is it way more complicated than that?!)

  3. This is cute http://www.youaremyfave.com/2010/03/bunting-turquoise-stripes-and-rainbows.html

  4. Only you would have gorgeous hooks and make them do sweet things like make a heart. That's what's so inspirational about you, it's always fun to visit.

  5. Emme-Syys: They remind me of magic wands too!

    Claire: A crochet tutorial, eh? I'll have a think about that... (I think it's way easier than knitting).

    Rowan: I LOVE that! I've bookmarked that for a future creation :)

    Kim: Shucks! You're so sweet!