Friday, 14 May 2010

easy peasy sewing tutorial {an intruduction}

Are you fed up with having to check that you're not showing your underwear (or worse!) every time you bend over?

Does it bother you that none of your tops are quite long enough?

Would you like a garment to stop your back getting cold when you're on your bike?

Do you feel self-conscious reaching up in case you show everyone your midriff?

Are you pregnant and needing something to cover your belly (or your undone trousers) because your top just doesn't want to stay down?

Then this tutorial is for you!

It is possible to buy bump bands for pregnant women, but they are ridiculously expensive for something so simple. So I was going to call this a bump band sewing tutorial or a maternity band sewing tutorial. But a friend reminded me that it's not just pregnant women who want a little something to cover up that exposed belly and/or hide those muffin tops. I'll let you into a little secret...

Come closer.

I have been wearing a belly band for the last year. Yup, I know, you didn't have a clue did you? You just thought I was wearing another top underneath. Nope, I get far too warm for that. No more tugging my trousers every time I sit down; no more checking my underwear status every time I bend over; and no more flashing my tummy every time I reach for something.

"So, what is this mysterious garment?",  I hear you ask. Well, it's a stretchy band of fabric which is worn under your top around your waist. To an outsider, it looks like you're doing a bit of layering. Pull it over your trousers a bit and it can hide those muffin tops brilliantly. Still confused? Please welcome our model for today who posed for these at the last minute (I'm hoping to update this post with a pregnant model, too)...

See that black band? That's it! 

It can even hide your behind when you're having a fat day ;)

No muffin tops here!

So, I'm still undecided as to what to call this thing. A modesty band? Sounds like some kind of hippy music group. A muffin belt? A hide-the-crack band? No? A belly band implies that it's not for small-waisted folk. I don't know. Any ideas? 

I'm still working on the actual tutorial, so you'll have to wait until Monday for that (I could have pushed myself, but my energy reserve is low. Sorry about that). But if you want to be really prepared for making your own, here's what you'll need:
  • a stretchy top in your size (I used a cheap fitted tee)
  • scissors, for cutting fabric
  • measuring tape
  • ruler (or just an object with a long straight edge - you could use a book)
  • chalk, for marking your fabric
  • a sewing machine (but you could easily do this by hand)
 Go and get your supplies and I'll see you on Monday. Have a good weekend!


  1. Looking forward to it! I have a long body and always have a problem with too-short tops.

    By the way, I mentioned your blog on mine yesterday, if you want to check it out...

  2. I LOVE this. I definitely need one to do ALL of the above. Excellent.