Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Everywhere you go, always take a brolly with you

OK, so I didn't quite manage to make it back here within a month, but the gap between posts is slowly closing.

Inspired by the wonderful Andrea Joseph and this post, I felt justified in using tracing paper in my drawings. I've always felt as though I'm cheating if I use tracing paper (even though it's my own work I'm tracing), but thanks to Andrea, I'm back on the drawing horse. And by that, I mean that I'm drawing again and enjoying myself. I'm not actually on a horse that can draw. I've never seen a drawing horse.

So, here's a new one:

I'm halfway through another drawing, so I will be back soon. Sooner then a month, anyway.

Random question: is the term 'brolly' purely British or do you folk across the sea use it too?


  1. Oh Pippa, it's nice to have you back! I've been wondering about you. Nice brolly you've got there, I do like a spotty brolly, especially if it has matching spotty wellies!

  2. You're back!! What a beautiful drawing, you're so clever xxx