Friday, 27 August 2010

monkey pig

Hello you. How goes it? I can hear the heartbeat of the sea. Sounds poetic, doesn't it? (The sentence, not the heartbeat. Although perhaps it would sound poetic...) Actually, I'm all coldy and my ears have popped and, along with everything being a little bit muffled, I can hear the throbbing of my head, which sounds a bit like the sea's heartbeat. Kind of shwioo shwioo shwioo.

But, in true Blue Peter style, here's one I made earlier. I made this one back in April, in time for the Art Market. I made it with a super long tail and had it on the stall with its tail tied in a knot. Could that have been the reason I had so many comments about it being a pig? Certainly less monkeyish than the others.

I like its little heart.

Pig? Or just 'unspecified creature'?


  1. I'm sorry but what kind of pigs had these people encountered in their lives?! It's clearly a sock monkey :) A cute one!!xxx

  2. I'd say unspecified! Is his tail to long to be a pig? I don't know how long a pig's tail would be if stretched out! :) He is very fun!