Monday, 6 September 2010

blankie for my laptop

It's not that I've been getting bored of my babatte blanket, I just wanted to complete something smaller, quickly. Also, I really don't like resting my laptop on an exposed desk surface. I know it's pretty robust (I mean the laptop, but the desk can put up with a lot too), but I don't like the sound of it. I feel as though the laptop will get scratched or something (you know that if it'd had a protective film covering the outside, I would have kept it on - like the watch and anything else with a film on) so I'd rather put it on top of something.

Well that was a boring paragraph. I might blog about my washing cycle next week.

So, for the last year (you're probably not interested in any of this) I've been resting the laptop on a very unattractive laptop case. Over the summer, Mr Pippa got me an amazing new laptop bag, but that will need a whole other blog post. So, I decided to make something pretty for it to rest on (or, something pretty on which to rest it if we're going to write proper).

I use the word so far too often.

So  A little while ago, I was inspired by Biscuit Monster (that blog is always a pleasure for the eyes), who was inspired by some other people. But, with crochet, I only seem to be able to keep one stitch in my head at a time: I paused working on the babette blanket to make a scarf only to find that, when I returned to it, I had to teach myself again because my crochet hook just wanted to continue doing whatever it was doing last (it has nothing to do with me forgetting how to do things). So, rather than teaching myself how to do granny squares or something, I made lots of little babette squares and joined them together (isn't the joining part the most boring?) and I am very pleased with the result.

The really dark one on the left is navy. It's clearly camera shy, as is the burgundy, next to the denim blue, which has turned itself black in all of the photos.

That's a happy laptop :)

 Isn't it cheerful?


  1. That's so lovely, how creative you are! I didn't know it was possible to make a Macbook look chintzy but you've managed it! Well done. I have crochet-envy now, really MUST brush up on my limited skills :)

  2. Great photos! I spy the Cath Kidston desk chair too ;)