Sunday, 14 November 2010

lens cap issues

I really like my Nikon (no it's not the name of my dog, it's a camera. I don't have a dog. But, if I did, I'd call him Spartacus or something). It's a joy to use (we're back to the camera now) and I'm very happy with the results it gives me. There's just one problem with it: the lens cap. Well, the lens cap itself works fine, but there's no way of attaching it to the camera. Surely I can't be the only person who finds this a problem? With my previous camera, there were a couple of teeny tiny holes on the outside of the lens cap and a dainty little strap thing looped through, attached to the camaera strap. Yes, the camaera strap. It's a new spelling you may not have seen before. ANYWAY, having the lens cap attached to the camera meant that I could just whip it off and snap away, without a care in the world. But now, I have to actually hang on to the silly thing while I'm snapping. The kind people at Hüfa heard of my lens cap plight and sent me this lens cap holder:

Thank you very much, Hüfa. Tell me: is it pronounced hoo-fa? Or is it just a strange decorative thing?

Thank you also for the diagram on how to use the Hüfa holder. I might have ended up attaching it to my leg or something.

The hüfa, ready for use.

The hüfa, attached to the camera strap. (I realise the diagram shows the hüfa on the wider part of the strap, but it was easier to photograph like this.)

Ooo. The hüfa holding the lens cap. Clever little hüfa.

So, I am presently testing out the little lens cap holder. It's good. I haven't had a chance to properly test it out yet, so I'll do a follow-up post when I have more to say about it.

So, how are you? It's been a while. Have I missed much? Sorry, what was that? You'd like to see pictures of the baby shower decorations I made? Oh alright then. That'll be the next post.

Do you have any idea how difficult it was to photograph the hüfa on the strap?! First, there was the holding-a-mirror-above-the-camera thing, then there was the problem of holding the mirror still, then there was the issue of focusing on the hüfa, which can be a struggle in a mirror which needs dusting, as the camera would much rather focus on the dust (see below).

Obviously, if I had known how grubby the mirror was, I might have given it a clean before the little photography session.


  1. This is so going in my hubby's christmas stocking... thanks! :)

  2. Great to have you back. I'm getting one of these for my boyfriend. I had a turn of his camera not so long since and had nowhere to put the lense cap!

  3. I'm surprised I have any of my old blog readers left, it's been that long! Thank you for returning :)

    Glad I was able to help you out with stocking filler ideas!

  4. You have the pronunciation of Hüfa (Hoo-fa)correct. The name has meaning rather than just a looking cool symbol (we think), it actually means lens cap, in Icelandic! Any other comments we are happy to publish your feedback on

  5. My ex had a Nikon D60 that he let me play with a lot; had the exact same lens cap issue but found a thing that was basically a little strong piece of string with adhesive but not sticky plastic dots at each end. One end goes on the lens cap, one end goes on the camera body, so when the lens cap is off it's still attached to the camera. It was my favorite non-photography part of his D60.

  6. Icelandic, eh? I look forward to sounding knowledgeable when I tell people that.

    Mel: do you know what the string the thing was called and where I could get one?