Sunday 31 July 2011

Go to Buxton. They have nice water.

If you happen to be passing Buxton between now and 14th August, I highly recommend that you stop off and have a nosey in the Art Gallery/Museum.  One of my favourite artists is exhibiting there and it's a feast for the eyes.

It was my first time seeing this piece (the trainers below), as its size has meant that it hasn't been shared on the blog (I mean, who has a scanner that big?!).

See? Huge!

'Ten Examples of Unnecessarily Handsome Shoes'. No photo of this, unfortunately. I love all of the different perspectives and annotations.

'Wish I Knew You Well'. This full colour drawing blew us away (Mr Pippa was with me). I seem to remember it being larger than the others (I didn't think to make notes).

As well as the works on the walls, there were the cabinets. The first was the woodland one. The pieces looked so at home with the leaves and twigs in there. And the dead bee.

I'm not sure I'd realised when first spotting this drawing (above) online that this piece is not, in fact, drawn onto lined paper which happened to have tea/coffee mug rings on it, but those details have been drawn too. Andrea Joseph often catches me off guard like that. I love it.

I spent most of my time looking through these cabinets:

I also adored being able to get so close to the glass cabinets that my nose occasionally bumped the glass as I studied the sketchbooks and spotted the items which appear in the drawings. I would have loved to flick through one of the sketchbooks.

When chatting to Andrea later, she mentioned that this drawing (in the sketchbook above) was drawn in a coffee shop in Buxton - a coffee shop I have now been to. It's funny how just a little thing like knowing where/how a piece came together gives me a whole new appreciation of it.

What a treat!

Go on, get your skates on. You've got until 14th August.

P.S. Thank you, Mr Pippa for being photograpaher for the day :)

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  1. i love andrea's drawings and would love to see the exhibit. but, it's more than a stone's throw from New Mexico, USA ;)

    thanks for the lovely write-up, i enjoyed your comments and the terrific pics!

    yeay for andrea!!