Monday, 21 November 2011

the obligatory bump picture

The last bump picture I posted on here was on this post, where I thought I had the biggest bump ever.

Ha. I now see how friends and strangers couldn't tell I was expecting back then.

Well, that marvellous maternity wrap top has grown as I have and I'm so glad I went for it and made one myself, even though I had the impression that my lack of a serger would put me at a disadvantage (I just used zig zag stitching instead).

These pics were taken a few weeks ago, before all of the leaves fell off that tree. And when I could still make myself look presentable. And when putting one foot in front of the other wasn't such a challenge.

If you're thinking of making one of these tops (you can make a non maternity version, y'know), I thoroughly recommend it. The most fiddly and time-consuming part of making it is cutting out the pattern. The sewing is a doddle. Doddle. I don't think I use that word enough.

The most fiddly and time-consuming part of actually owning/using this garment is finding a way to drape it on a hanger. Although, that's a doddle when you compare it with the time it takes to put on. Blimey. It reminds me a bit of that game you play with young people where each team is given a roll of toilet paper and they have to wrap one of their team mates up like a mummy. Worth it though (the top, not the toilet paper game. That's just a waste of toilet paper).

The next couple of weeks may feature loads of blog posts, as I pass the time until this little one arrives. Alternatively, it could go very very quiet, signifying the arrival of said little one. I'm hoping for the latter but preparing for the former.

I still haven't shown you my quilt! I'll get onto that next...


  1. You look fabulous! Hope you are keeping your feet up and feeling well! :D

  2. Wowza, you look gorgeous!
    Do you still have the pattern for that top somewhere? Think I may have to get my mother or mother-in-law onto that one for me, it's a gorgeous top.
    Thinking of you over the next couple of weeks, it's such an amazing time, enjoy it all!...I blogged loads while waiting for Jude too :)

  3. Love that first photo! You look fabulous. Hope your last few weeks go as smoothly as possible x

  4. how are you? so fun to see pictures. love it! very excited!

  5. I love you, all 3 of you! Wish I could be there to share it with you!xx