Sunday, 18 November 2007

a bit better

Feeling much better today. Yesterday, not even our favourite comedies could make us smile. Today, we have been able to laugh.

Tomorrow we have the laborious work of
  • Calling the estate agent to get them to pay for a glazier
  • Calling our insurance company to see if we're covered and make a claim
  • Calling the police to inform them of the other things we have realised are missing (and to see if they have found the scum)
  • Tidying up!
I think that's all we need to do. We'll definitely fit in some relaxation time - art for me, music for Hubby. And obviously, a good cup of tea and a nice sit-down. As the thieves took our memory card reader, I can't post any pictures of what I'm creating at the moment :o(
I shall post again tomorrow.  Cheery-boo.

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