Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I love art studios

I love seeing other people's art studios/creative working spaces. I don't know why. I suppose I like to get ideas for my own studio - how to keep it organised, how to encourage creativity, etc. I discovered this artist (and her blog!) online this morning. 
Last night was the first time in four nights that Hubby and I slept upstairs in our room. The glazier came yesterday to sort out the door so, until then, we felt the need to sleep downstairs to protect our house. However, I didn't sleep well. I was so tempted to give up the 'let's go to sleep' game and just come downstairs to check out my favourite blogs. I resisted and managed to wait until this morning. So 7am I was downstairs on the computer! I was aimlessly wandering through cyberspace when I came across an artist site with a link saying 'studio' - I couldn't resist! I'll just show you the one picture. Isn't it beautiful?!

I love the objects of inspiration on the top of the shelves. What a wonderful creative space. Who does the studio belong to? An artist/crafter in the US called Donna Downey. After seeing her studio I simply HAD to see her artwork...

Ta-da! This is one of my favourite pieces by Donna. On her blog, she does little youtube videos, which I am thoroughly enjoying.  

Today, I SHALL tidy up. Donna has inspired me. That studio of mine will be usable THIS WEEK! Cheerio for now x

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