Tuesday, 6 May 2008

cards, cards and more cards

It was my birthday on Sunday and, although the day began with being in pain every time I breathed in, it quickly improved and I had a lovely day. Unknown to me, Hubby (who is now calling himself Mr Pippa, which I am loving) stayed up until about 3am on Saturday making a lemon drizzle cake (which is the yummiest I have ever tasted), filling the house with balloons and birthday banners AND making me a birthday card. He really is very lovely. I just HAD to show you the card. I really am very impressed. Well done, Mr Pippa.

The rest of my birthday was spent with friends where we drank tea and ate cake. There was even candyfloss (cotton candy to you in the West). And some juggling! Although we don't have any 'proper' food in the house, we have LOADS of cake, so we're sorted for the rest of the week!

And now onto the daily art cards...

I think I mentioned a while ago that I had been asked to do some wedding stationary. Well, I wanted to share my samples with you, but I really couldn't until the happy couple had decided on what they were having (I certainly wouldn't want people to see my invites before they were meant to). As they've narrowed it down to a few (I showed them 17 to choose from!), it means that I can share the other designs with you. So that those cards aren't wasted, I cunningly changed the wording and now they can serve as greetings cards (albeit romantic ones). On yesterday's art card, I used some of the scraps from the invite samples. I haven't done today's art card yet - I'll post that tomorrow, along with the wedding invite samples. Wouldn't want to overload you today!

The sun is shining and our garden is suddenly full of flowers. Lovely :o)

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  1. Please send Mr Pippa over to my house so that he can teach V how to bake!