Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I love to get post.

Hello there! I went to London this weekend to see my family and had a lovely time. Even went to see a dress rehearsal at the Royal Opera House! The weather here in England is amazing; it's all anyone is talking about. It has gone from winter to summer overnight. Amazing. For the first time this year, I've been wearing my flip-flops.

I do have some backdated daily art cards to show you, which aren't very exciting, as I did them 'on the move', but they will have to wait because, this morning, something very exciting happened...

As he does every morning, the postie came and delivered our post. Along with the boring bills and other bits of junk was a large brown envelope addressed to me...

I recognised the gorgeous writing but just couldn't figure out who it could be. When I turned it over to open it, I found out...

That's right! Andrea Joseph! She is one of my favourite illustrators and I am always going over to her blog to see her most recent drawings. A while ago she did a drawing based on a song and asked us, her fellow admirers, to guess the song. I guessed it (which was a prize in itself) and Andrea said that she would post me some of her moo cards. I completely forgot about this, so I was VERY excited when opening the envelope. Inside the large envelope was a smaller envelope and an Andrea Joseph ORIGINAL! That's right folks: I have one of her drawings!

Inside the smaller envelope was a card with a message from her, two greeting cards with envelopes, two postcards and six moo cards! It felt like my birthday! What a treat!

Thank you, Andrea! :o)


  1. Aw, so cute! I'm actually blushing. Thanks for all your kind words, Pippa.

  2. Lucky Pippa!
    This is grand! What a treat.