Thursday, 8 May 2008

...and yet more cards

Here are my art cards from the last three days. It is absolutely beautiful weather here and, although I can't enjoy it outside (photophobia, amongst other things - see this site if you want to understand a bit better) I am very much enjoying the breeze through the open window and the sound of the birds playing outside. I like to think that they are playing. Our garden is bursting with all kinds of beautiful flowers, which is what inspired todays' art card. I might pick some and put them in a vase.

Also, here are some of the other wedding invite samples which have now been turned into greetings cards. Oh how I love to make things!


  1. I don't suppose the Anais Nin card is still available? I'd love to buy it from you/do a trade :-)

  2. Certainly! Send me an email:
    pippas long stockings (at) gmail (dot) com