Wednesday, 11 June 2008

using up your scraps

Well, I am back from my little break. It turned out to be a very exhausting break: lots of travelling and meeting up with people. So, since being back, I have been mainly sleeping. The weather is so gorgeous at the moment that I'd quite like to fall asleep on a blanket in the park. Something you must understand about us Britons is that when the weather is nice (which isn't that often), we simply MUST make the most of it.

Before I went away, I made some paper flowers. I have so many scrap bits of paper. I HATE having to throw things away, so I was very pleased to be able to make these. So very easy and so very cheap! Brilliant!

Get your scrap bits of paper. Choose three circular objects to draw around: I used a button and two different sized rolls of tape.

Draw around the circles and cut them out. (Or, if you're really fancy, use different sized circular punches.)

Arrange your circles into 'flowers' like these and then fasten. I used brads on some of them and eyelets (any excuse to use my lovely Crop-A-Dile) on others. Hey presto! Your flowers are done!

On some of the flowers, I distressed them with a nail file...

With the distressed look, I think it worked best on the papers with a white core (see below).

I used some of these flowers on a scrapbook page. I really like them.

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