Monday, 20 October 2008

bits and bobs

I actually got these little treats a week ago, but I've had so many other things to show you. 

I found these very exciting socks! Yes, I know, I have a sock-buying addiction and it's becoming a problem. But these ones will make a great sock creature! 

Which animal did you think of first when you saw these socks? Was it a giraffe? That's certainly what I thought of first. Mr Pippa was the one who pointed out (after I had started to get excited about making a sock giraffe) that it is actually leopard print. I'm still going to make a giraffe.

And as for the purple ones, I think they will just turn into an abstract sock monster.

My other treats were from the Charity Shop (or 'thrift store' to our US friends) - I'm cheap to keep! I got some maps and some comic annuals. I think these will be turned into badges and envelopes.

I love maps. Anyone getting rid of any out-of-date maps? Send them my way!

And from the junk shop, I picked up some vintage sheet music.

I couldn't help thinking of Sian's old blog (Spin a Song of Sixpence) when I saw this :o)

And then, of course, I had to model all of my goodies in my new super-green bag.

Tomorrow, I will actually have some creations to show you. Sa asked for a photograph of the inside of the yummy oreo cupcakes. Here you go. What better way is there to distract yourself from the incredibly wet weather than with cake and tea? Until tomorrow...


  1. you should send the spinning song to sian.Mr V may be able to put on his next CD????.where do you get these sock don't see them in south will have sa looking all over the place for them.

  2. The socks can be found in Peacocks at a very reasonable price :o)

  3. Yay for the leopard skin socks.

  4. I so must have those socks. And those cupcakes.

  5. I think a giraffe would look great in leopard print but she must also wear a pair of Bet Lynch earrings and have huge eyelashes - giraffes do you know.

  6. I <3 Leopard prints!! Your sock creatures will look amazing made from them!

    Thanks for your comments... I am no way in a proper business... woul dlove to be though... one day... :)