Tuesday, 21 October 2008

playmobil and housey envelopes

As promised, some creations from last week. I'm amazed at the response I got from those leopard print socks - perhaps I should just buy a load of those and sell them? Anyway...

Who doesn't love Playmobil? I love Playmobil. I thought that the Playmobil catalogue would make some happy little envelopes.

happy little envelopes

I quite liked the envelopes I made from home decor magazines too.

I thought it would be nice to make the Playmobil envelopes smaller. I think they're cute.

I had an old theatre programme so made an envelope from that. This Bombay Dreams envelope is super sturdy!

Have an envelopey day :o)


  1. May I be the first to say (on this post at least) you are truly amazing! I LOVE your creativity....makes me want to make and create lots of things. Sadly I am rubbish at such things....still, I can watch with wonder from afar. And I love it!!xxx

  2. Pippa Nice one. fill one with money and send it to me. 10 out 10.

  3. You are super talented. Hey Pippa I got told i have fybromyalgia today (not what I thought was symptoms of CMT) feel exhausted today and wish I had more enthusiasm for the medical world but alas I cannot find any!! Thanks for the great post, put a smile on me

  4. Your art just envelops me with such pleasing vibes.

  5. Playmobil yeah!! I have some figures at home to make into jewellery but haven't decided what yet - there is the cutest baby though!

  6. these are so funky, i love them!

  7. this is a super idea! Makes me think of all types of paper you could use! Really cool blog!

  8. Vix: you always say the nicest things.

    Pod: you have more money than me! I'll tell you what, I'll send you an envelope and then you can fill it with money and send it to me!

    Sa: Glad I could make you smile.

    Patois: "envelops me" - I probably should have tutted at this pun, but instead it made me laugh. I like bad jokes ;o)

    Thank you all! I will definitely be making more of these!

  9. I LOVE your creativity and your blog. These envies ROCK...do you have a template you use for them? I feel the need to whip some up! :)