Tuesday, 17 February 2009

when are polka dots not fun?

That was a rhetorical question but, just in case you're unsure, I will answer it for you: polka dots are always fun.

[Warning: private joke alert]
Believe it or not, those two phrases caused a lot of amusement that day.

Stepped out of my comfort zone for this one. Oooo FREEHAND cutting. PAINT. Printing with bubble wrap?! And yes, I am trying the handwriting again. The next page I'm going to show you is a lot more 'me' and definitely my favourite page EVER out of all of my scrapbook pages. It's a good one. I think you'll like it. ALSO, I've just realised that there's a page that I did weeks ago which I still haven't shown you and that is also one of my faves so far. But it's not as good as the one I finished today (which is my best ever).

In case you're wondering, the last bit of handwriting is written using the IPA and it says: YEAH BABY! Oh IPA, I I love thee. I wish I could do my Linguistics degree all over again. But that would be pointless.

Well, I'm off to do some dusting. FUN. (Note the sarcasm there) Although, if there's ice on your windscreen, you de-ice it, so should dusting be called 'de-dusting'?


  1. I really like the flower print in the last picture...is that a stamp? Or was it already printed on the paper?
    Your scrap-booking is really inspiring :)

  2. good on you de-dusting when you are in Wales next you can call in and do mine.No only joking my cleaner started back this week after a year when she was ill. nice to have her back.keep going with your art's and craft's.a brill photo of you and hubby. god bless.

  3. Clare: thank you so much! I really enjoy it but I kinda feel as though I've lost readers! Alas no, it's not a stamp - just the cool paper.

    Pod: that's not Mr Pippa! That's a girl!

  4. I love your scrapbook pages,my mom is a scrapper and made my scrapbook but I am totally getting inspired by yours and trying to push myself to do some of my own, I love this one and painting with bubble wrap awesome

  5. Thanks Kara! Go on, try scrapbooking!