Monday, 6 April 2009

coolest guitar case ever?

see it bigger here

I had wanted to do this to my case for a while but I've been SO busy with the wedding invitations (I will show them to you. I just think the wedding guests should see them before you do :-P).

I LOVE it! The pages are from a vintage gardening book - randomly ripped up and stuck on. I adhered the pages with gel medium (in matt finish) and covered it in two layers of the same. I was going to do the other side, but I think it looks good with just one half done.

I have decided to get some sort of routine on this little blog of mine. So, I WILL post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What do you think of that? I expect there will be times where I will post more often. But routine is good, isn't it? That way, you know when to pop in :o)

I am still tweeting. I don't really understand why though. Is tweeting something I will just 'get' after a while? Advise me, fellow tweeters!


  1. It's so cool!

  2. Hey Pippa. I think you may need introducing to RSS feeds? I was confused once when you said you had bookmarked me...

    I always know when you have written a post because I subscribe to your RSS feed, and I suspect a lot of your readers do it this way too, so posting on particular days isn't really necessary... I think people do a theme on certain days so that they can schedule in advance (that's what I do, then do my personal/just made/sneak peeks on an ad-hoc basis).

    I might do a KitschenSink tip on it in my blog, because I have a feeling my friends bookmark me and check in from time to time. But my subscribing to the RSS feed, you can add lots of subscriptions and they all get delivered to a reading list. It's so convenient!

    Maybe you know this and I have mis-read! He he!

    Oh and I love the guitar case. It's making me wnat to do something with a suitacase and comics! Crazy!

  3. Oh and twittering - I think the key is to do it often. Otherwise your tweets may never be seen by those who follow you amongst 300 others...

    You can add your blog to twitterfeeds so it automatically tweets when you blogged!

    Err what else (I am really giddy right now hence rambling and exclamation marks... so weird). You can use and put in a keyword that interests you like 'craft' and see who else is tweeting it and follow them and they may well follow you back.

  4. Hey Pippa,nice work. The case looks really great and a lot more interesting the average guitar case,well done!

  5. Great guitar case, I'd leave it with only one side done, looks more stylish. It reminds me of a bathroom I decorated once in hundreds of crosswords and covered with PVA to protect them. No idea what the council made of it after I left but when I was there is provided hours of entertainment.