Friday, 10 April 2009

it's Friday

So I'm posting. I'm not happy with the latest scrapbook layout I've done so instead, here's what I ate today.

An Oreo cupcake with Oreo buttercream icing and an Oreo in the base. So yummy.

Today is Good Friday. I deliberated quite a bit over what to say about Easter without getting far too heavy for this crafty blog. So instead, I'll just say:

Happy Easter.

And, if you've never read the Easter story, why not do it this Easter? You might just learn something new.

Have a lovely weekend :o)


  1. Happy Easter!

    Have you heard of the brick testament? It has a lot of the bible with pictures made up of lego... sweet! Oh man I should have done a blog post about that. Maybe another time.

  2. Oh my god that looks delicious. I want!

    Miss K

  3. Wow. Did you make it yourself? If so, I need to have that recipe - I love oreos, and cupcakes, so it's perfect! Kate x

    PS. This is my first visit to your blog and I am so happy I have stumbled across it. Hope the wedding was wonderful and all your hard work was well received!

  4. Thanks for you comments. No special recipe needed: just crush a load of oreos into the mixture. But if you'd like more specific instructions, check out this blog: