Thursday, 28 May 2009

somewhere beyond the sea

So, I was asked to make a scrapbook/mini album for someone for their 80th birthday. Any colour scheme in mind? I was thinking they might say blue and brown or pink and green, but they said they'd like a seaside/beach holiday theme. Right. GREAT. Never actually done that before but I'll have a go.

Before having received the photographs, I searched for inspiration. I hadn't seen a seaside themed scrapbook before - plenty of Hawaii layouts and tropical beach themes, but this is Britain. So, I was starting from scratch. Where did my inspiration come from? An old clothing catalogue, actually! Here are the pages which started the ball rolling:

So, I was going for bright red, blues, sunny yellows, bold stripes, deck chairs, beach huts - the stuff British beach holiday memories are made of.

Then I was given this fabric and asked to use it in the scrapbook...


So, here's where I went with it:

Just the first couple of pages for now. More tomorrow. Who'd have thought uploading photos could be tiring?!

Ps. I've uploaded more pictures to my Flickr, along with some added thoughts of mine :o)


  1. I love this album! And I think you have the theme perfect, I used to live in Scarboro and it's bringing back memories!

  2. Aw thanks so much Rowan!

  3. I really love this album, it's all so wonderful!!!!

  4. This is lovely! I'm very into all things seaside at the moment. I love your creativity - the colours and those rosettes are fabulous!