Friday, 29 May 2009

we'll meet beyond the shore

Hello! I've been in the garden today - hooray! It is a rule here in Britain that as soon as the sun comes out, you must go outside and make the most of it. Tomorrow, I plan on staying out in the garden for as long as possible.

So, back to that scrapbook I was showing you...

I wanted to have a more romantic page spread for these two photos, whilst still keeping the seaside theme. Did I manage it?

I love this photo. The look he is giving her is so mischievous. And that hem looks as though it's filled with lead!

I certainly put my Cath Kidston sticker book to good use when making this album. Did I tell you about that? It was a birthday present and it is very lovely indeed. I'll show you tomorrow.

The more I look at this book, the more I fancy making one for myself. There are more pictures on Flickr.

It's a late one tonight! Well, I can spend all day dozing in the sun tomorrow :o)
(don't worry, mum - I'll wear a sun hat and plenty of sun screen)

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  1. These are amazing memories that you've so creatively put together. I love the cute photos, embellishments, round pages, and even the paper clips.
    Have a pleasant day outside in the garden. It's expectantly dreary and wet here today and I tried going outside but the cold drove me back in.