Wednesday, 3 June 2009

pretty Cath Kidston sticker book

As you may have guessed, I didn't blog on Saturday - I spent all day in the garden instead. I've spent more time in my garden since Saturday than I have in the last eight months. It's sunny :o)

So, as I was saying before, I got a CK sticker book for my birthday. When I saw it and read 'labels & stickers', I thought, "Nice. Maybe I could put the pretty labels onto jars and boxes of little things". Then I had a look inside...

Oooooo pretty

I am going to use these for more than just labeling! OH YES!

I'll let you play Spot The CK Stickers this week when I post more pictures of the seaside mini album. For now, I'm going back outside.

Funny... when I see the letters CK, I think Cath Kidston. When Mr Pippa sees CK, he thinks Clark Kent. I'm sure it says something deeply profound about us. Or not. What other CKs are there? What do you first think of when you think 'CK'?


  1. Calvin Klein!

    Love the stickers :)

  2. Yep, me too. Calvin Klein, CK-one, CK-Be, CK-in-to-you. I think I remember you saying you don't have a TV, so I guess you don't hear those voices in your head from the perfume ads?

    Cute stickers. I knew of her fabrics etc, but not these :)

  3. Calvin Klein also for me too, Mrs P! Very cute stickers and can't wait for more photos of the seaside album, it's gorgeous. Pure Pizo Genius (copyright!) xxx

  4. Another Calvin Klein one here :o)

  5. HA! Didn't think of Calvin Klein! How funny.

  6. It would be Cath Kidston for me every time, love her stuff. Wish she did a scrapbook range x great blog x