Thursday, 20 August 2009

these are not my drawings

I thought I'd better say that right away in case you think my drawing skills have improved dramatically overnight.

These are drawings by the amazingly talented Andrea Joseph. A few weeks ago, she shared these pictures with her readers and gave us permission to colour them in. HOW EXCITING! Well, I thought so anyway. I printed them off immediately. But because there was the wedding and then camping, I didn't actually have time to do any colouring. Then I was back from Camp and needed a nice creative distraction from unpacking and tidying up. Although, I've stopped myself from starting any new projects until I've tidied up from all of the other projects. Perfect time to get out the colouring pencils...

So, if she's been told to tidy up, she's probably still living with her parents. Her parents would probably have a sofa in a neutral colour (so that it would go with everything), with accessories in woodland green. But then, I don't think her parents would have that bin: it's far too stylish. And that matching cushion at the top doesn't seem very 'them' either. It must be one of her cushions that she's brought from her room. Maybe that's why it's on the back of the sofa: to remind her to take it back to her room. But it is very messy, where have her parents been? On holiday! Or maybe she's been off school sick (hence the hot water bottle) and so they've let her slob out on the sofa for a week ("But try to have a look through your school books if you can" - that's why there are so many large books around) but it's Sunday tomorrow and if she's well enough to go back to school then she's well enough to tidy up first.

But the bin just didn't fit in my mind. Her parents wouldn't have that bin. And then... I've got it! She's got her own 'lounge' in the garage. So she's got an old tatty sofa (which she loves, because it's hers) which Auntie Annie's neighbour was throwing out. It's got a replacement cover because the other one was too stained. But she brightens it up with her purple throw and pretty cushions. The cat likes it in 'her lounge' because he's allowed to sit on the sofa. She was only allowed friends over tonight if she tidied up. "Oh, and put some leggings on under that dress - it's far too short". Done and done.

I thought about this way too much, didn't I? Please tell me I'm not the only one who over-thinks these sort of things...

Yes, I did see the irony: I was colouring a picture of a girl avoiding tidying properly so that I could avoid tidying.

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  1. LOVE love LOVE it! You have made me smile the biggest smile ever.

    Yep, you probably did think about it way too much. You probably thought about it more than I did! But, I'm so glad you did. Truly splendid. And, I'm pretty annoyed that I didn't think of the different coloured cushions, AND as I said on Flickr, love the colours and muted tones.