Friday, 21 August 2009

orders of service

When designing the Order of Service (or Wedding Program for you Americans), I wanted to keep in the theme of using the sheet music and the punch I used for the invitations. It was around the designing stage that I discovered a smaller punch exactly like the heart punch used in the invitations. Perfect!

After much playing about, this was the final design for the Order of Service:

Eventually, the white music ribbon was swapped for black music ribbon (we thought the white didn't look so great next to the cream of the card and the sheet music).

It was such a relief when these were finished. I made 120 in total. Yeah. Now you can see how it was possible for me to have been doing wedding things since March. That was a bit of a clumsy sentence. Can't think how to tidy it up though so that'll have to do. You know what I mean, right?

My head is frazzled. I feel like I've been doing non-stop housework since getting back from camping two weeks ago. How is that even possible?! Surely I would have run out of things to do by now? Doesn't help that I need to have a sit down and rest after cleaning a plate. And a lie down after ironing a shirt. Well, back to it then.

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