Thursday, 3 September 2009

no coincidence

I am so glad that day is over. I haven't been that ill in a while.

I found it mildly amusing that, on a day that my face was as white as a sheet, the bags under my eyes were purple (yes, my face resembled that of a vampire) and my hair was wild and unkempt, and I spend a full day and night in my PJs, this should be my word for the day:

Definitions 2a and 2b were pretty spot on.

I'm alright now though. I'll be back later today with pictures of my first cushion cover. Yes, up until now I had never made a cushion cover. Shocking, isn't it? My school stopped teaching textiles the year I arrived. I'm sure it would have been one of my favourite subjects.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear. I hope you feel better now?

    My school started textiles after I left, and I think it would be a favourite of mine too! I wanted to do Graphics for GCSE but they said no because I did Art and made me do food tech. What a joke. I got an A though, so can;t complain too much!