Saturday, 29 August 2009

the table plan

The table plan for my wedding was on card. It fitted in with the rest of the stationery, but it was distinctly average. When designing the table plan for this wedding I excitedly thought, "Why not have a painted canvas with chipboard letters??". I was really quite excited by this idea. I'm not sure that the bride and groom knew what chipboard letters were at that point (do you ever find yourself using craft-specific language and then wondering why no-one has a clue what you're on about?).

However, I ran into a problem: I didn't have enough As. What about an A from a different font? Nope, didn't look right. Frustratingly, they didn't sell the white letters anymore, only pink! Pink would NOT work with this wedding. My wedding, sure. But not this one. So (and here's an example of where mistakes can actually make something better), I painted the letters with red acrylic paint and covered them in fine glitter et voila!

Not only did it work and look super cool, but I think that all-white letters might have looked a bit plain. I think the red gives it a kick. The bride and groom loved it too, which is always nice.

They also liked my idea of adding the scripture they had read out at the ceremony. Score!

Had to get some more music ribbon in there somehow.

More pictures on Flickr.

I now kick myself and think, 'WHY didn't I think of that for my own wedding?!'


  1. Love it! Especially those sparkly red As and the paper rosette!

  2. That's a lovely wedding table plan. I love the idea of using canvas too and the red letters look like they worked really well.