Friday, 16 October 2009

in my imagination?

Is it just my imagination or is it quite quiet on the blogging scene these days? Certainly has been here. Sorry about that folks.

I expect you'll get quite a few blog posts out of me between now and Christmas. Why? Because I've been asked to have a stall at a Christmas Market. HOW EXCITING! When I first got asked I spent the following few days drawing up designs of what I wanted my stall to look like. Thankfully, I managed to stop and remind myself that it doesn't matter how good it looks if I don't have anything to sell.

So, the socks are out and the monkey-making has begun again. I've also been making more neck-warmers and badges and jewellery. I've been trying to think of Christmassy things to make. So yesterday, I put the Christmas music on to inspire me. It didn't. But thinking about this Christmas Market day and night has certainly got me feeling Christmassy, which is a step in the right direction.

So today I thought I'd just show you a little peek of the first of this batch of monkeys. Yes, he still has a pin in his face. Well, he doesn't any more but there's no point trying to take a picture of him now because it's dark. You might as well wait until I've finished him and then you can have a proper look at him.

Now tell me: how many of you started singing Kylie Minogue when you saw my blog title?

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  1. This is brilliant news! Congratulations! Now when were you planning to tell your sister?