Wednesday, 18 November 2009

little stars

Here's another one for the Christmas Market in December. And another one with baby-friendly eyes! You like? I think it could be a sibling of this one. And do you think it's a he or a she? Mr Pippa and I always disagree on this. Well, alright so it's not that we disagree, but he calls all of them 'he'. Even this one and this one and this one, all of which I thought were girls, without question. Yes, I'm conforming to the pink=girl stereotype. Just because it's a stereotype it doesn't make it bad. Ooo controversial. Seeing men in pink reminds me of that episode in Spaced where the girls lend Mike a pink top to wear clubbing. If only I could find it on YouTube to share here.

It's been very gloomy lately. So gloomy that it's hard to tell which is day and which is night. I was waiting until some natural light to photograph the most recent creations, but the natural light isn't happening. Unless it's a day I end up staying in bed. Then the sun will come out just to spite me. Stupid sun.

Why was I telling you that? Oh yeah. That's why the photos aren't great quality. This is the gloomiest house I've ever lived in. No windows in the hall. No windows in the kitchen. Who builds a kitchen without windows? When cooking a roast, we have to open the bathroom window and the door to the utility room and the backdoor (which is off the utility room) so that we don't set off the heat alarms. But those heat alarms are another story. You'd think that, because they are heat alarms, you wouldn't set them off when you're making toast. Well, you're right. The toaster doesn't set them off. But using the grill sets them off. Oh, and having a hot shower. Yeah. Really what you want to deal with while you've got shampoo in your face.*

I'm getting distracted easily today. What was I talking about? Oh yes. I have another sock monkey to show, but the photos are worse quality than these, so I'll either wait for some sunshine, or I'll just show you the rubbish photos and trust that you can see past the blurry gloominess.

Is there any point in having breakfast now when I'll be having lunch in about an hour? 

Although, I spent that long looking for that Spaced clip that it's now only about half an hour until lunch. I can wait until then.

*I don't actually put shampoo on my face. But you can guarantee that, the time the alarm goes off is the same rare occasion that the shampoo decided to attack my eyes.


  1. He's a real cutie (not sure why I said he, maybe I am in your husband's camp).

    I'm having the same daylight problem, all photos have to be taken on a weekend as I go to work and come home in the dark :( Roll on spring!

  2. I'm with Mr.Pippa. He looks like a very cool dude.