Wednesday, 9 December 2009

6 inch curls, honey

While watching Elf a couple of weeks ago, Mr Pippa wanted to make snowflakes (that film seems to have that effect on people, don't you think?). I might have wanted to make snowflakes too if I wasn't trying to finish everything for The Christmas Market. (I did and it was great, but more on that tomorrow. Maybe.)

His first few snowflakes looked like random playing cards. So it was off to the internet for some snowflake templates. Don't these look brilliant?! Snowflakes that actually look like snowflakes! 

I've been taking some time off. Lots of time in bed and staring into space... and trying to catch up on housework. Yesterday, the first few snowflakes went up, along with our Christmas twigs. Christmas twigs? Yes. Twigs. We don't have the space for a Christmas tree so instead, we're using the painted branches I used at the Christmas Market. I feel like I'm sitting in Narnia.

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