Friday, 11 December 2009

jingle jangle

I bought these as a Christmas present for my sister and I was going to force her to wear them. But then they whispered to me, begging me to turn them into some kind of sock creature.

I gave in.

They even have bells inside so that they jangle*!
*'Tinkle' would be a more accurate description of the sound, but saying that they tinkle when you shake them kind of gives the wrong impression. You get the idea.

This photo was to show the ribbon! They're not being rude. I thought ribbon would be nice so that they could be hung from a tree. Or just played with. 

I don't think I've got time to put them on Folksy though. Maybe next year?

Apologies for the blue photographs. I had my white balance on 'incandescent' - doh!


  1. these are adorable, but what are the ribbons for?

  2. Thanks Ashley! Of course, I didn't actually give any reason for the ribbon, did I? I'll edit the post now :o)

  3. i think their butts are my favorite :)