Saturday, 9 January 2010

the beginning of the patchwork blanket... kind of

One of the projects I'd like to complete this year is this:

(found on Flickr here)

It's called a babette blanket, but I just call it a crochet patchwork blanket. I love how it looks as though it's lots of random squares just thrown together. It probably took ages and ages to design though. In fact, I'm pretty sure it took ages to design because there's a pattern available from somewhere - why would they sell a pattern if it could just be thrown together and still look good? I, on the other hand, am going to attempt to save the money and design one myself. I'll let you know how that goes.

I'm still waiting for the rest of my yarn to arrive in the post. I went for a blend of 25% wool and 75% acrylic. Ideally I would have gone for 100% wool, but I'm spending my Christmas money, not my lottery winnings. Although, never having played the lottery it would be near impossible for me to have any winnings to spend. Anyway... I was just going to use the random bits and bobs of yarn I already have, but I'm told that, because they're different properties, it would warp and react differently to being washed and things like that. So, my other yarns wept a little. They were so looking forward to being used for something fun.

While waiting for the rest of my yarn to arrive, I thought I'd practice crocheting the squares with the cheap acrylic yarn I already had. (To which the yarn gave a squeal of delight!)

But then I couldn't stop. So I decided that this would be a blanket too. First a light turquoise, followed by a slightly deeper turquoise.

Followed by a light blue.

And then a dark/royal blue.

And I'm currently on the purple.

I think it looks alright, considering this was just a practice go.

Frustrating that there's a stripe of shadow. To get the light minus the shadow would meeting opening the patio doors though and I am not doing that. Don't you know how cold it is?!

Dear photographers, I know I haven't got the hang of white-balance yet. Please bear with me. I'm learning. Slowly.

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