Monday, 25 January 2010

happy little hearts {now in the shop!}

The shop is open and the hearts are nicely settled in. Go and say hello to them if you like. I think they'd like that.

Dear bloggers, I'm sorry for not giving you much attention lately. I've been all over the place. I've been just as bad with my friends and family. I think I'll start again in February.

Well, a few things have been happening here. I needed to make a pair of shorts for a fancy dress costume for Mr Pippa (we're tight and refused to buy anything). So, I got out an old pillowcase and used a pair of pyjamas as a template. It was all going really well. I had threaded the elastic into to waistband. I even was photographing it so that I could do a tutorial on here. (Exciting, eh?) It went wrong when he tried them on.

The mistake was using a pair of my pyjamas as a template. A woman's fit is not a good on a man. I will say no more.

So, the shorts were useless.

I am quite excited about my babette blanket though. I've designed the general shape. I did get the colouring pencils out but my head couldn't handle that much design work. As I'll be making 56 little squares, I thought I'd just go ahead and start making those. So I do have some bits to show you. But today, I'd like to go back to bed.

In fact, I'd like to find the pause button and press it while I catch up with myself and breathe.

I'm really fed up of being ill now. Can you tell?


  1. Sorry you're feeling rough lovely :( Love the lush hearts though, you're so clever!! Also love the pyjama shorts story, made me laugh. Big blog hug ;) xxx

  2. Ha, my verification word just then was "joyoush!" I like! xxx

  3. Thank you for stopping by. I am doing much better, thank you for the well wishes. :-)