Monday, 26 April 2010

colourful crochet squares

Hello. How are you today? I'm alright. Pretty wiped, to be honest. But I'm alright. I've been having enough of computers and Html (as you may have seen if you follow my tweets), so today I'm going to do something with either paper, paint or the sewing machine. 

What's that? How's the blanket? Ah thanks for asking, it's coming along nicely. What? You want to see another picture? Alright, but just a little one:

I've done a lot more since this picture was taken. As I'm not following a pattern, I need to lay the squares out to see how they're looking together. That way, I can see which colour combinations to go with next. I think it's going to look amazing.

By the way, hello to my Norwegian reader!

(I found out in a comment on my previous post that the buyer of my first ever Folksy sale, who is from Norway, still reads my blog. That makes me all happy and giddy.)


  1. YOu have such patience. I can't do any project that lasts more than three evenings!

  2. I LOVE the crochet squares!! No, the "colourful crochet squares" in fact. Love love love them :) Bright and cheery just like a Pizo!xx