Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Edmund goes to tea

It still makes me smile to see what Edmund gets up to. I saw this the other day. Cute! Thanks for the mention, Kimberly :)

Maybe it's because I don't make that many things (or it's because I only sell a fraction of them), but it makes me all giddy seeing things I've made with their new owners. Do you feel like that? Not about seeing my things - why would you find that exciting? But do you feel like that about things that you have made? That's what I meant. But you may have known that and now I've just unnecessarily explained my structural ambiguity. I must stop. 

It made me think, 'I wonder how many people who read my blog have things I've made...' (a bit of a clumsy sentence there, but it's late and I can't be bothered to reword it). Like the person in Norway who bought some badges (I think that was my first Folksy sale).

Apologies for the weird look to the blog at the moment, I'm in the middle of changing things around. Hopefully, it should look loads better once it's finished.

Anyway, I may have some exciting news to share with you in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. And if you're fed up of never knowing when I'm going to blog next, you could subscribe to my RSS feed (click the 'subscribe in reader' link on the right) and my blog posts will be delivered directly to you! Well, you'll still have to look on your computer. They don't get delivered to your door. That wouldn't work. Unless someone printed my blog posts and posted them to you... No, you're just being silly now.


  1. You can't keep us hanging like that! What's the news?!

  2. Hello:)
    I'm the person from Norway, still impressed by your blog and everything you make:)

    And the badge written "Norwegian" on it, is attached to my bag. It might sound a little strange, but everytime I look at the badge it makes me smile. Thank you!

  3. I like seeing where your things are and it's also great knowing folks like my stuff too :)

    Blog is coming along a treat :)

  4. Rin: I should have something more definite to say in the next couple of weeks. It involves something happening on 9th May. Not confirmed yet though...

    Gw: HELLO! I can't believe you still read my blog! That's so cool!

    Rowan: Thank you! I certainly don't want to work on computers full-time, even if it is creative. I need to play with some paper SOON.

  5. Edmund looks so at home here on your blog. It's funny how he manages to make the rounds popping up in various places, but after all, he is a curious fellow. Thanks for the mention and thanks for making Edmund who always makes me smile.