Friday, 30 April 2010

lots of pretty jewellery

I was wanting a necklace for a party this weekend. Last minute, I know.

It would have been easy to go online and find something from my favourite shop. But why give my money to a big business when there is so much choice on Folksy?

I hope you'll be pleased to hear that Folksy won! There were so many beautiful things on there and I couldn't buy them all, so I thought I'd share them with you instead. Next time you want to get some jewellery (or any gift, really) for someone, check Folksy first. By buying from Folksy, you're supporting tiny businesses like mine :)
Right, now for the pretty things. Some of these are on my get-this-next-time-I'm-allowed-a-treat list and some of these are on my get-this-for-someone-else list, which is why I'm sharing some things which aren't my style at all but are still super cool. 

Ready? Here we go...

(She has M.E. so even more reason to support her!)

I really love my necklace with the key on it and have a bunch of keys which are still waiting to be turned into necklaces. Obviously I wouldn't copy this craftsperson. It has reminded me how much I love those vintage keys though...

(This one and the one below appeal to my love of things in colour order. I imagine I would have loved these as a teenager.)

(I really really love this one!)

What a feast! Have a great weekend. Cheerio for now :o)


  1. Aw Pippa! Thanks so much for featuring me :D x

  2. Lush jewellery!! I'm definitely gonna consider many of those people next time I'm looking for gifts. Personally though I love love love the Scrabble thing. Not sure why so much but it's simple and cool and I like it!! :) Plus you never get V stuff very easily. Did you buy any of the above necklaces for your party then??xxx